We are looking for genuine people with a real passion for ships!

At Anglo-Eastern, we work to the highest standards for our clients and seafarers alike, offering both long- and short-term opportunities with shipowners all over the world.

As an Anglo-Eastern seafarer, we look after you, focusing on your health, education and welfare. The vessels you sail on are suitable and fully compliant with industry standards, as we never compromise on quality or safety.

Our people are the core of Anglo-Eastern and we take great pride in the strong working relationships we have with our seafarers and onshore teams.


We, Anglo-Eastern, are aware of entities operating in a number of jurisdictions under very similar names that are not part of the Anglo-Eastern group of companies. Please be alert to this and, if you have any concerns, kindly contact us using the details given on this website to verify that you are dealing with a member of our Anglo-Eastern group of companies. All Anglo-Eastern email domains are strictly (note the spelling), while recruitment and selection are solely merit-based (NO handling or other fees).


For details on how to apply, contact Anglo-Eastern Offshore directly.

Please note that due to government funding requirements, cadet positons are only open to British or EU citizens holding a UK National Insurance number. UK residency requirements apply.